IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Home is the universe · Freedom is unbounded


Project Description


Deck  design founder,Design Director; Integrate design into humanity Give creative sources; Deck design takes creative leading wonderful life as the core concept, focusing on customized design of aesthetic space. Let art return to the essence of life, through the space, color, layout for you to convey the ideal "home" appearance, interpret the meaning and insight of life, each design is a customized transformation. Each design is tailor-made metamorphosis, sublimating the intimacy between people and space. International Excellent Retail Space DesignJintang Award; International Space DesignGolden Creative Award; 2018 Idea-Tops Gold Award Interior Space; ID + G Top 10 Designers of the Year; ID + G Best 10 Creative Design Award Commercial Exhibition Space; 2018 Idea-Tops Silver Award Interior Space; 2022 Jintang Award Space · Retail Space Excellent Design Award; IDS International Design Award; 2023 ID + G Dining Space Design Award; 2023 Nesting Award Outstanding Design Award

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