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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hilton Huizhou Longmen Resort


Projet Description

Project Name:Hilton Huizhou Longmen Resort
Location:Longmen Huizhou Guangdong China
Area:45000 square metres
Completed Time:November 2017
Open Date: December 30, 2017 Rooms:366
LEOGD endorses environment-friendly and recycling more than a concept, but merit higher attention on how to fulfill with pragmatic design and continue culture heritage in an innovative design approach. v Aside by Nankun Moutain, the project locates in Longmen County, Guangdong, China that is crowned as its over thousand Hakka culture history. In design, forest and water features are refreshed into tremendous rustic raw materials. Famous antique brick in local mansion, wood and bamboo from the mountain, painting by local farmer artists and signature Longmen artifacts are closely evoked to collective memory on Hakka culture and brought brand-new experience in a contemporary approach. For instance, over 60,000 pieces of bricks are used in wall and columns, which were collected from existing mansion locally. It is overwhelmingly impressive on visual effect, moreover, which saves nearly 30 million RMB in cost for the owner.
Brick is never as simple as it looks. With its ancient and miraculous myth, the antique bricks even were marked with scrawl and handwriting in someone’s childhood. A time tunnel through the past is transformed in a special way via all these antique bricks. Sourced locally, designers were drawn on bamboos and its growth morphology in mountain. By inviting experienced local craftsman to further study, these bamboos are sophisticatedly and exquisitely ornate as bamboo wall, wall sconce and pendent lights. Guests see beyond outdoor view in this tranquil leisure lobby tea lounge, bamboo lights overhead slightly swing in breeze, which seem to navigate guests into the nature and a fresh air bar. In purpose of fully delivered its initial design concept on Hakka culture, dozens of local farmer artists were invited to paint that represented the most original and antiquated Longmen elements. Furniture, fixture and equipment used in different zones in this hotel are tucked away all feeling on Hakka culture, intimate connection and cohesion between nature and humanity. Unique aesthetic perception is rooted here with profound reunion on its nature, formality and performance. Every inherited culture detail in design is carved with human being’s subtle protection on history. In design, decoding of ecological civilization is the meaning of regeneration and innovation.

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