IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by KUKA HOME Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This sofa in the name of "Hertz", fashion and advanced and full of mysterious charm star Lord black, with "piano keys" as the inspiration of the simple shape, so that this product in the visual, both artistic and value, used in Italian style, light luxury style, modern style and other popular home decoration style, the whole to create a high quality, relaxed living room lifestyle; In terms of innovative design, this sofa applies the "S-Deep sitting sense function frame", so that the sofa has a larger opening and closing Angle, and the innovation increases the reclining Angle of 10 degrees, unlocking a variety of sitting and lying positions on the sofa to meet the needs of more life scenes; In terms of comfort, the sofa can be freely opened and closed between 108-170 degrees by electric control. In addition, the head of the sofa can also achieve 8 gears, manual adjustment within 120°, so that the user can perfectly fit and support every place of the body in every posture, and control the comfortable rhythm as you like; Different from the conventional functional sofa in the past, this sofa has a large seating width of 85cm, creating a LOVE SEAT, bringing freedom and ease of life; In terms of aesthetics, this sofa takes "piano keys" as the design inspiration, creating a full outline of the beautiful undulation like musical notes, a unique shape of metal feet, both strength and beauty, but also make the space more light and transparent; In terms of material selection, every place of this sofa is used imported first layer cowhide, feel thick and soft, skin delicate, the whole to create a lazy and advanced life experience.

KUKA HOME Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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