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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Baptiste Bohu

Project Description

Alex is engaged in the clothing industry and often flies to Europe. He has subtle ties with France that are both unfamiliar and familiar. Alcx wants a French style house
BaptisteBohu combines the design elements of eclecticism, Colonial Stvle, and ArtDeco with high-end residential and hotel projects, selects furniture, artwork, and examines the structural layout and fabric of the house. Baptiste Bohu said, "What he wants is a modern French style house, but the point is not how beautiful we design the house, but the feeling of life around the whole house when he goes home or opens the windows." Baptiste Bohu preserved the main structure of the old house, and demolished and rebuilt everything else. The garden, swimming pool, and a faint view of the distant river have gradually transformed from Alex's distant imagination into reality.
Alex said, "I really like things with hand marks." So when the house was not yet built, he went to a furniture store in Paris, France to carefully inspect the furniture. Those highly handcrafted objects are special beings that accompany people's lives, just like the handicrafts he likes, capturing and storing the shadow of life. When the house is built and the furniture is placed one by one in different locations, the entire house begins to feel human warmth. When we walk from the population hall into the atrium, Designer Baptiste Bohu smiled and said, "I hope this population can provide Alex and his family with a path of intimate connection with nature. You can immediately think of the garden outside from the black and white natural scenes, without the need for thick and heavy green, just simple black and white is enough to make people daydream. Baptiste Bohu introduces nature into the house, but when entering the atrium, people are pleasantly surprised to find that" nature "has receded into a background here. This is the designer's first surprise for Alex and his family. What is even more wonderful is that he arranged the internal structure of the entire house like a gallery, with a circular atrium in the middle, and the rooms were distributed around the atrium in different directions and floors. The entire atrium becomes the core of the home. Alex said that this house, amidst the casualness and delicacy he had hoped for, also gave a ceremonial design related to life, which was similar to the courtyard of traditional Chinese architecture. The sunlight poured down from the transparent glass roof, as if it could take people back to the past, back to the old Taizhou courtyard where Alex lived when he was a child. He said: "When we were young, the old house we lived in was a traditional wooden quadrangle building with a history of more than 100 years. The house was surrounded by carved beams and painted rafters, full of exquisite carvings, making people feel like living in antiques.
Alcx has extremely sharp tentacles and control over details. The fabric of the sofa, the texture of the curtains, the material of the door handles... everything is like his clothing, giving people enough physical and mental comfort, that picky and elegant French style. No wonder he and designer Baptiste Bohu searched for most of the Chinese paint but couldn't find a suitable one, and ultimately bought it back from France. The unfinished marble that was originally in the eyes of craftsmen hides a unique primitive charm in this house. Underneath the surface that is not bright, there is a hidden meaning that Eastern people like. Alcx said that he was not initially optimistic about traditional Chinese decoration, but when Baptiste Bohu placed two traditional Chinese vases in, the simple patterns and shapes perfectly matched the house in an interesting way. The items that we often overlook are very special to BantisteBohu, "said Alcx, who was inspired and placed an old-fashioned Grand Master's chair in the underground leisure space. The pond outside the courtyard was also stocked with koi. In his opinion, the visual impact of different cultures should be inclusive, as he has always loved the charm of Tang and Song dynasties. this point
It is expected that the continuation will also appear on the camellia tree or olive tree planted in the courtyard. Baptiste Bohu said, "The olive tree is like a potted plant that Chinese people love.

Baptiste Bohu

Baptiste Bohu is a French Interior and product designer. Baptiste Bohu runs a multi award design studio specialized in luxury residences, boutique resorts, and Hospitality projects. The studio has an unique approach to design with fully tailored interiors from structure to furnishing and decoration that serves an A-list clientele.
Baptiste Bohu created his own lifestyle collection of furniture, lighting, and home accessories.
Baptiste finds inspiration in various eras and his favorite are 18th century France, Art Deco, and the colonial era.
The studio works on Project worldwide and has received from AD magazine the distinction of top 100 designers, and Best Residential interior by Residence Magazine. All the projects have been published in global top design and lifestyle media such as Elle Decor, AD, or the New York Times.

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