IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hainan Qingshuiwan Relaxation Qianping Luxury Mansion

by Zhu Yuwen,Wang Libo

Project Description

This mansion is located in a lush green area of Hainan Island, with a wide view and beautiful natural scenery. The overall layout is themed around "leisure and relaxation", emphasizing the transparency and openness of the space. The architectural design is simple yet atmospheric, using smooth lines and geometric composition to create a modern and elegant atmosphere. In the design of luxury homes, we fully consider the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development. In terms of material selection, we have adopted a large number of natural materials and modern environmentally friendly building materials, which not only conform to the natural atmosphere of tropical regions, but also reflect the minimalist style of modern design. In terms of color matching, white is the main color tone, creating a bright and fresh spatial atmosphere, while embellishing with green plants and tropical flowers, adding a natural atmosphere and vitality. Simultaneously improving the energy efficiency and indoor comfort of buildings. In addition, green spaces are also set up inside the mansion to enhance the harmonious coexistence between the building and nature through the introduction of vegetation. In short, Hainan's relaxed and modern luxury homes will present you with a living space that is both modern and comfortable, both private and open. Here, you can fully enjoy the natural beauty and tropical charm of Hainan, feel the simplicity and elegance of modern design, and enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable leisure time.

Zhu Yuwen,Wang Libo

Education Experience; Heilongjiang Sanjiang Vocational College of Fine Arts; Advanced Course in Environmental Art at the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts qualification certificate; Senior Interior Designer of China Architectural Decoration Association; Senior Display Art Designer of China Construction Decoration Association; Work experience: Focusing on high-end private homeowner design, we have rich experience in high-end homeowner design, strong communication skills, and create a perfect residential environment for homeowners, including Youshan Meidi, Runze Mansion, Yuanyang Wanhe City, Oriental Provence, Xishan No.1 Courtyard, and No. 8 Xiaoyun Road.

Zhu Yuwen,Wang Libo

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