IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hainan New Life International Anti-aging Base Project

by Haizhu, Li Chao Liu , Jing Zhong

Project Description

The project is located in the Ritz Karl Recuperation Center in Boao, Hainan, with a construction area of 2300 square meters. There are two underground floors, the negative one floor is the experience center, and the negative two floor is the undersea restaurant and recreation center. There are six floors above ground, which are outpatient clinics, consultation rooms, treatment rooms, and guest rooms.
The building hopes to create a "Noah's Ark" to the world of life, and it is setting sail. The indoor space is displayed with the concept of "the source of life - water", which symbolizes the connection between life and water.
Water element: spatial reference: the characteristics of the flow of "water", ripple from the "whirlpool" enclosed by the building, and the "whirlpool bottom" from the first floor to the negative second floor is the source of the sparkling "mirror pool". The lobby space on the first floor means "water moisturizes all things and feels no spirit, and ripples moisturize everyone". The two-story atrium, on the left and right, is the "registration, payment" movable windows of "water cells". The floor-to-ceiling windows on the front and the "bubbles" on the top are like exploring the infinite possibilities of the living world through the "water cells".
Butterfly transformation: the underwater restaurant on the negative second floor, step into the "water column" magic cave, the hall is a butterfly transformation crystal palace, the hall is a semi-transparent restaurant "whirlpool", on the right is the sparkling "wave side dining gallery", and in the distance is the performance pool of "mermaid dance". The mirrored 8K stainless steel ceiling in the hall mirrors the infinite reverie of the restaurant.
Green: The exterior building references the urban ecological forest. The negative second floor to the negative first floor of the room is a pool that shares "temperature regulation", a sunken sightseeing garden, and a huge tree of life soaring 14 meters high in the surging pool. The interior pays attention to natural lighting and natural fresh air. The project is designed with the concept of sustainability and flexibility so that the building becomes a real Hainan Ritz Carl Health Center, which is a carrier of life technology.

Haizhu, Li Chao Liu , Jing Zhong

Shenzhen Ruihe Architectural Decoration Design Research Institute Associate Dean/Head of Design/Chief Designer
Born on September 8, 1968. Graduated from Changsha University of Science and Technology in July 1993. International ICDA senior interior designer, member of Shenzhen senior technical expert database. Member of the expert database of Shenzhen Construction Bidding Center.
In June 2017, he joined the Council Member of the Asia-Pacific Space Design Association
In September 2008, he graduated from the hotel design advanced training course at Tsinghua University
In July 2009, he graduated from Berner Fachhochschule, Switzerland with a master's degree in architecture
In July 2018, he graduated from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy with a master's degree in interior design management
In 2019, "Guanlan Hanshida Reception House Design" Gold Award
In 2018, "Qingdao International Shipping Center Office Building Model Room" Gold Award
In 2018, "Qingdao International Shipping Center Office Building" Best Creative Work Gold Award
In 2017, "Shandong Longhu Hotel" Asia-Pacific Space Design First Prize
In 2015-2016, Won the top 10 Gold Medal Designers
In 2015, the design "Shenzhen Boda Construction Group Office Building" was exhibited by the United Nations in New York
In 2014, he won the most influential designer and the most innovative designer in the category of the top 100 comprehensive models of design in China
In 2012, he won the top10 hotel designer in Greater China
In 2010-2011, Top 10 Interior Design Talents of the Year
In 2011, the design of "Hyatt Regency Chengdu" won the first prize
In December 2011, the "Longgang Central City Moore City" Idea-Tops Award
Gold and Silver Awards from ICDA International Designers
In 2007, the National Construction Engineering Decoration Award, Weihai Shidao Holiday Hotel, Yangshuo International Hotel, and Chaohu Traffic Police Command Center Control Center won the Gold Award

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