IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by JU TING interior Design CO.LTD

Project Description

This is a commercial space interior design project for a hair salon. To bring a new salon experience to the customers, the designer has taken the elements of “straight” and “curly” hair and transformed them into a unique spatial expression by adding multiple layers. The space is surrounded by materials of distinct shades of gray, such as raw concrete, granite, and paint, and outlined by linear iron and oak, which are interwoven by mirror reflection to convey the beauty of various hairstyles.
Outside the door, the designer skillfully uses curved wooden panels to arrange the facade grille's form vertically. By doing so, the grille is straight from the front. At the same time, the side view shows a dynamic sense of fluctuation, giving the façade a picture of changing visual layers through different viewing distances and angles. Besides, the wooden grille framing the wall façade is made of raw concrete, and the rough texture accentuates the delicate lines, leading to a rhythmic beauty that is both static and dynamic.
Upon entering the room, one will notice that the curved iron shelves divide the spatial pattern and movement, like a hair falling on the ground, naturally dividing the area. The chased curved iron shelves combined with square display cabinets can achieve both aesthetic and practical effects by dividing the space and displaying products at the same time. On the other side, the back wall of the counter continues the three-dimensional curved grille design of the outer wall. Also, the designer uses sloping lines and curved lines to lay out and arrange each other, highlighting the imagery of straight and curly hair and combining the initial name letter of the brand name "H,” perfectly showing the design spirit and core of the space.
For this project, the designer extracted the primary form of "straight and curly hair" and transformed it into the expression of spatial design, perfectly highlighting the core of the commercial space. The simple material and unique structure cleverly transform hair imagery into a three-dimensional grille design. The wall façade provides a different visual experience from different angles, which can be considered unique.
The designer has conducted a simple and clean design approach and planned the exquisite functional configuration to create a pure spatial appearance to meet the homeowner’s needs while reducing the waste of resources. In addition, large floor-to-ceiling windows in the main space, combined with the design of wooden grilles, allow a large amount of natural light to be softly drawn into the room so that there is no need to turn on the lights during the daytime. It meets the user's demand for the light source and realizes the idea of energy saving and carbon reduction.

JU TING interior Design CO.LTD

JU TING interior Design CO.LTD was established in 2009. We have professional services in design and construction. Our design projects include real estate, residential and commercial spaces. The design concept is to respect the space environment and user needs. We create designs that are humane and coexist with the environment. As for the execution, we focus on the mastery of process management and the study of low-failure maintenance methods.

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