IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guoqian Woodwork Ziyang Red Star Exhibition Hall

by Haibo lan

Project Description

The project is located in Ziyang Red Star Macalline Mall. As the exhibition hall of the mall, how to balance the relationship between the C-end and B-end is the core of our design. The key issue that shopping malls need to address is brand recognition, and it is particularly important to ensure that customers have a memory of the showroom after a short period of communication. Our project is located at the corner of the three facing walkway, with a narrow front and back width and a long side width. In the long strip display, we first set up entrances on both sides of the three facing walkway. The main entrance and secondary entrance are set up on the narrow side closer to the elevator and stairs. On the longer side facing the atrium, we have reserved a small entrance on the basis of setting up a large number of glass display windows. We hope that through the semi open door design, customers can enter the exhibition hall as soon as they pay attention to the product. We used a three-way approach to divide the exhibition space. The entrance is a brand tone art display, the middle part is a comprehensive product display and communication interaction space, and the last part is a model room display. We have adopted three sets of zigzag shapes on the exhibition line, combined with local ground improvement treatment, to prevent customers from feeling tired due to a single route during visits. In terms of exhibition hall design, we have tried our best to restrain ourselves. However, we boldly used Klein Blue as the brand's identification color in terms of color, and extensively used it on the door and decoration to enhance customers' memory of the brand. We always believe that the presentation of commercial space is to better match the commercial logic of the exhibition hall format, rather than the space itself.

Haibo lan

Founder/Creative Director of Huibang Construction Design; CCB Designer Brand Incubation Sichuan Manager; Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts with a major in Interior Design; Deputy Secretary General of CIID Chengdu Interior Architects Center; Vice Chairman of the Design Committee of Chengdu Architectural Decoration Association; National Academic Guidance Committee for Chinese Architectural Decoration; Consultant for CIID Neijiang Interior Architects Center; Guangzhou Design Week (GIA) Urban Promotion Representative; Member of the Top 100 Jury for Design China in 2020. Honor: 2022 Youth Information Course Design Growth Camp Organizing Committee China Interior ; Design (2014-2015) Top 100 Figures; Excellent Award at the 5th Hitachi HI design Interior Design Competition; 40UNDE40 Sichuan, China (2017-2018) Design Outstanding Youth; Mango Award&Leading Figures of 2019 Urban Youth Designers in Shijianfang; The 9th Nest Building Award Small Unit Public Category Gold Award; 40UNDE40 Sichuan, China (2019-2020) Design Outstanding Youth; Golden Residence Award (2019) Top 10 Residential Space Designers in China; Jinzhu Award (2019) China Baijie Residential Space DesignerQuality Hui College (2019) Health ; Home Gold Project Award: Ginkgo Golden Bird Award (2020) Silver Award for Office Space Realistic Group; Sino Italian International Design Golden Finger Award (2021) Private Residence Realistic Group ; Excellence Award: Ginkgo Golden Bird Award (2021) at Chengdu Chongqing Design Exhibition Silver Award for Planning and Scheme Group; Ginkgo Golden Bird Award (2021) Commercial Space Scheme Group Silver Award at Chengdu Chongqing Design Exhibition; Ginkgo Golden Bird Award at Chengdu Chongqing Design Exhibition (2021) Bronze Award in Commercial Space Scheme Group; Ginkgo Golden Bird Award at Chengdu Chongqing Design Exhibition (2021) Bronze Award in the Realistic Group of Private Residential Space; Excellent Design Enterprise at the Chengdu Chongqing Design Exhibition Ginkgo Golden Bird Award (2021); Member of the Third Prize Committee of the 14th CBDA Lighting Application Design Competition (2022) for Commercial Space; 2023 Top 100 Figures in Home Decoration Design Award; WYDF 2023 (Greater China) Interior Design Gold Award; 2023 Oriental Oriental · Oriental Outstanding Design Award; 2022-2023 Smart Space Award; Magazine: Selected for the 9th National Nest Building Award Works Collection; Selected for Design World Media "Design World"; Selected for "Tea House" by Dalian University of Technology Press; Selected in the "1500 Easy Home Dressing Examples" series by China University of Science and Technology Press; Selected by Science Press for the first book of Chinese home decoration; Interview with Designers in the 5th Issue of Home Decoration Magazine; Selected for the 12th issue of Home Decoration magazine.

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