IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guobin Jiangshan


Projet Description

Located in the heart of the western part of Chengdu, Guobin Jiangshan project takes the Song style as its realm, extracting and retranslating the characteristics of Song-style dwellings and gardens, reproducing the elegant and tranquil life style of the Song Dynasty and respecting nature in today's life.
Pure design is responsible for the interior design of the project, continuing the traditional oriental Buddhist mood, especially introducing the lightness and simplicity of the Song people. The design is light but not bland, where the aesthetics of the minimalist hidden nobility of the Song dynasty, the pure romance like waiting for rain when the sky is still azure are all unfolded under the brushstrokes of the written world.


PURE DESIGN was founded in Shenzhen by the renowned designer Guo Ziwei with a branch office in Shanghai.
Since its establishment, PURE DESIGN has always been adhering to the spirit of innovation, focusing on fine interior design, pioneering in the field of hotel clubs, marketing centers, luxury villas, finishing showrooms, and other design fields, and striving to propose the best solutions for the owners in design and engineering. PURE DESIGN has an experienced first-class design team and a perfect and advanced partnership system and design management system. With a stable team and professional execution, PURE DESIGN combines design creativity with project practice to provide customers with a high-quality service guarantee. Works of PURE DESIGN have won many domestic and international design awards.
By insisting on “rational exploration and sensual construction” in the design as well as pursuing the balance of commercial and artistic moderation in the project, PURE DESIGN responds to the natural and inner touch with design, making the pursuit of quality and spiritual design become a stream of force, and making every square be correctly treated.

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