IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guizhou Jinjiao Liquor Industry Brand Culture Exhibition and Experience Center

by Intentional Oriental (Beijing) Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Located in Maotai Town, Guizhou, China, renowned for its rich cultural heritage in liquor-making, this project is commissioned by Jinjiao Liquor Industry Group, a company specializing in crafting high-end liquor. The task for the design team is to create a space within their headquarters building that showcases the brand culture, products, and offers experiential activities. The space consists of two floors, with the lower floor dedicated to product displays and the ground floor serving as the main entrance hall. The entire design aims to highlight the ancient liquor-making history of Maotai Town and the brand history of Jinjiao, along with its unique and charming brewing techniques.
The basement floor is transformed into the product showcase center, embodying a design ethos centered on natural integration, mystery, and ceremonial aesthetics. This space epitomizes an Eastern liquor aesthetic, seamlessly blending exhibition, tasting, and experiential activities. Inspired by the concept of "grain as the flesh of liquor, koji as the bone of liquor, water as the blood of liquor, and technique as the soul of liquor," the design team employs artistic techniques to manifest the four fundamental elements of liquor-making and the rich culture of Jinjiao Liquor Industry. Through the strategic use of dark tones and focused lighting, a mysterious and historical ambiance is crafted, enveloping visitors in an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient wine cellars, heightening the sensory experience of wine tasting.
The first floor, designated as the brand culture exhibition experience center, embraces a minimalist design philosophy, guided by the principle of "less is more." Drawing inspiration from art galleries, the space undergoes a transformation, featuring a lofty ceiling structure, revamped internal layouts, and a loft-style architectural design. Themed areas are seamlessly interconnected through corridors, passageways, and staircases, facilitating visitor flow and establishing a multidimensional spatial layout. This redesign optimizes space utilization efficiency and enriches the spatial hierarchy. By integrating artistic installations, cultural exhibits, and diverse multimedia displays, the space seamlessly blends artistry with functionality, culminating in an exceptionally artistic cultural environment.
The central design concept revolves around the theme of "Contemporary Oriental, Art Space," with the aim of seamlessly blending modernity and tradition. The goal is to create a cultural exhibition space that combines spatial dynamics with cultural displays and interactive experiences. Through innovative spatial transformations, the design strives to fuse contemporary and traditional elements, providing visitors with a multifaceted cultural immersion and interactive engagement.

Intentional Oriental (Beijing) Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

brief introduction Yixiang Oriental(Beijin) Design and Consultants Co.,Ltd. Orient (Beijing) Design Consulting Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing, China. With Oriental style creative space design as the main direction, Orient Team focuses on the combing research and combined application of traditional cultural elements, regional cultural characteristics, business management rules and spatial relations. To the traditional cultural heritage and innovation as the modern space design principles, adhering to the "meaning the east, the elephant tangible" to "make new promulgation," as the design principles, the traditional cultural elements use the modern design language, expression of respect for tradition and culture at the same time, at the same time using the design method and the culture, the artistic language expression function, business and the relationship between the audience and space. His works absorb and inherit the traditional aesthetic elements, draw lessons from and adopt the modern design techniques, and integrate, deconstruct and independently express the poetic "new and new" and "new and new" Traditional Chinese aesthetic thoughts and modern design thoughts. His works organically combine art, commerce, culture and design and obtain good results. Establishment, in Architectural design,hotel design, culture, space design, the dining space design, and other projects for many institutions provide tour space design, creative planning, project planning and design, art furnishings and other creative and design services, has designed more than 60 design projects, involving multiple projects such as restaurants, hotels, cultural venues, and won a grand prize of ai ding award, the bund, China and Germany IF the, such as several important design awards at home and abroad. The company has studios in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Xi 'an.

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