IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guangzhou Yunshan poetic boat house

by Evans Lee

Projet Description

In Evans' design, family’s communication is very important. The reason why he regard the design of moving lines as important is that will promote the interaction and communication between family members.Wherever you are, you could see your family at any time.
We adopt “No main lamp design” in this project ,which have the softer light and make the space more layered.
Under the sofa is a carpet with Galaxy pattern, which extending from the living room to the dining room. When you sit on the sofa, it's like sitting on the Milky Way.
Evans designed a multifunctional table on a high position in the living room.When you sitting on this table ,you could see a electrified atomized glass, which could change between transparent and non-transparent.You can adjust this electrified atomized glass according to different scenes.
Evans designed a sliding door in the childen’s room.When you open the sliding door,the natural light and natural wind can across the room freely.When you close the sliding door,you can have an independent office space.
Evans adopt wooden floors and white walls in the master room.In order to make better use of moving line design,Evans put the bed in the middle of the room.When adult sitting on the bed, they can play with the kids that run around the bed.he also put a wooden desk beside a shutters.The shutters have blades that can be flexibly adjusted,which can block ultraviolet rays during the day and protect privacy at night.

Evans Lee
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