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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Guangzhou China Resources Land · Jade Apartments


Project Description

Jade Apartments, a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, nature and architecture, is nestled within the Tianhe Wisdom Valley of Guangzhou and stands as a future neighborhood center project meticulously crafted by China Resources Land. More than just a place for habitation, Jade Apartments serve as a platform for cultural and artistic exchange, aiming to infuse the bustling metropolis of Guangzhou with a touch of gentle warmth, tranquility, and the enduring power of nature.
Conceptual Integration of Design and Culture: The design inspiration for Jade Apartments draws upon the beauty of Pearl River's flowing waters and the "swimming fish" culture native to the Lingnan region. By ingeniously blending the traditional wisdom of Cantonese people settling near water with contemporary architectural language, the project centers around the theme of "Navigating the Tianhe." Through seamless integration of architecture and landscape, it creates a futuristic "Lingnan-style garden" that aims to inspire creativity, foster community interaction, and accommodate diverse cultures.
Architectural Features and Spatial Layout: Adopting the concept of a "Floating Community Cube," the project employs lightweight, twisted lines to demonstrate emotional expression within rational design, integrating various functional space units. The roof design takes the form of an S-shaped twist, embodying the image of a swimming fish, while the use of honeycomb aluminum panels mimics the delicate texture of fish scales, making the entire building resemble a giant fish gliding through the air. Moreover, the open interior courtyard and setbacks at the entrance strengthen the sense of ceremony while connecting the ground floor's raised podium, resulting in a seamless and fluid visitor experience.
Multi-functionality and Sustainability: The design of Jade Apartments takes into account multi-functionality and sustainability post its showcase period. Through the iconic S-shaped roof design and the utilization of a voided first-floor podium, the project efficiently conveys premium quality and lifestyle ambiance in the short term while considering the long-term multifunctional and convertible potential of the space. After the showcase period, these spaces can easily be transformed into a variety of public activity areas catering to the growing social and recreational needs of the residents, thus ensuring adaptability and sustainable use.


GEEDESIGN was established in 2011, dedicated to creating exquisite projects within the context of practical construction systems and economic environments, achieving a balance between "design innovation" and "implementation feasibility". This commitment has resulted in a series of high-density design works, providing professional and top-notch technical services for real estate companies. Currently, GEEDESIGN boasts over a hundred professional designers, including two Chief Architects, two Design Directors, two Principal Designers, ten Senior Design Supervisors, twelve Executive Architects, and six complete design teams operating under a collaborative model of "elite + team", offering comprehensive design consulting services from architectural planning, design, construction guidance through to project completion.
GEEDESIGN maintains long-term partnerships with leading real estate developers such as Gemdale, Vanke, China Resources Land, COFCO Joy City, China Construction Smart City Development, Jianfa, and Jindi, providing professional services encompassing project planning, design, innovation, and on-site coordination. They deliver design research and development along with standardized product service systems, jointly shaping the future living spaces and urban environments. Based in Shanghai (the Yangtze River Delta), GEEDESIGN's influence extends across China's super first-tier and new first-tier cities, excelling in integrated residential community planning, product innovation and R&D, customized facade designs. The company places significant emphasis on project quality and feasibility, while also accumulating hands-on experience and projects in diverse areas such as mixed-use developments, TOD community complexes, urban renewal, future communities, and green architecture.
Since its inception, GEEDESIGN has consistently been recognized by national architectural design institutions, receiving titles like "Annual Best Emerging Architectural Design Firm", "Annual Best Architectural Design Firm", and "Annual Most Dynamic Design Firm". It has also won numerous heavyweight architectural design awards both domestically and internationally, garnering widespread industry acclaim and an excellent reputation.

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