IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Gravity Bottle Holder

by Wan Qian

Projet Description

This is a special bottle holder designed for people with handicaps and limited one-handed operation(e.g. people with disabilities, on duty, working outdoors at height). This product is designed to meet the needs of the mentioned consumers when they are outdoor (e.g. running or climbing) or working (e.g. on duty, working at height) with one hand to open the bottle cap.
In these scenarios, users have to hold the bottle with other body parts to open the cap. However, a smooth and wet bottle is difficult to hold when it is prone to slipping and spilling and makes drinking difficult.
This gravity bottle holder provides solutions to the problems in an innovative way. When in the gravity bottle holder, the bottle will push the internal support part downwards, which stretches the built-in spring and exerts a reaction force on the attached gear, tightening the fixing jaws inwards, which mimics the grip of the hand to secure bottle and enable users to open the cap with one hand. When the bottle is removed, the spring will contract and the gears extend the jaws outwards to lift the tightening force and allow users to take the bottle.
Meanwhile, the built-in spring can be adapted to bottles of different diameters, covering a variety of sizes (e.g. beer bottles, sports bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles) and providing stable support. The spring is covered with silicone to provide stability while holding smooth and wet bottles. The cap storage on one side of the holder provides temporary storage for a bottle cap, making water drinking more user-friendly and convenient.
In addition, the gravity bottle holder is equipped with different accessories such as clamps and removal rings to meet needs in different scenarios, indoors and outdoors. The holder can be fixed on a flat surface with clamps indoors while it can be attached to a belt or shoulder bag with a detachable ring outdoors, providing portable and flexible access to the water bottle.

Wan Qian

Specializes in virtual reality system design, high-end equipment design, and product design. Graduated from Hubei University as an undergraduate and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) as a postgraduate, with excellent academic performance.

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