IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Food Star

by Dayoungdi Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Hidden in a quiet alley, Food Star office uses a large amount of stucco to convey a simple and unadulterated texture, while the bright creamy yellow continues the core axis of the company. By invoking a gentle color palette and pure materials, the style of the space has been firmly established. Upholding the brand vision, Food Star uses natural and organic ingredients to produce fresh-baked delicious-smelling bread.
The large floor-to-ceiling windows bring the light from outside into the room. In the indoors, simple neutral gray scale takes in the light and shadows, creating a simple and quiet style. A few high saturated cream colors inject vibrancy in the vertical dimension. The highly transparent glass serves as partition in the meeting room. It separates the space without losing visual amplitude and provides a generous visual depth of view. It also creates a perfect space for barrier-free communication and interaction among teams.
The office is designed in an industrial style. Instead of complicated decorative materials, the flooring is made of hand-applied cement with monolithic finish. The beams spanning over the canopy are deliberately left unadorned. Structure is left exposed to give a great industrial feel. Using raw materials, the ingenious artisans slowly bake the bread without chemical additives to bring out the aroma of wheat. With rich and smooth cream, the bread looks gorgeous, smells wonderful and taste great.
On the partition of the seating area and the door of the hanging cabinet, different shades of yellow present the state of natural cream at different temperatures. The gradation of colors can add layers of change.
The main visual wall in the meeting area embodies the warmth of the hand while carving, and the bumpy texture looks like the wrinkles on the surface of handmade bread, fully interpreting Food Star's commitment through both touch and vision.
Unlike being dark like any typical toilet, the retro tiles on the floor, dual curved mosaic tiles and subway tiles on the wall, combined with the bright yellow paint, bring colors to the narrow space and make it a wonderful highlight in the office.

Dayoungdi Design Co., Ltd.

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