IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Erya Villa

by Touchstone Interior Design

Project Description

NO.1 Project context
The 80-year-old owner took the plunge and bought this cumbersome and outdated villa, which is over 20 years old, because of its quiet surroundings and good orientation. How to create a space that the owner really likes? The designer and the owner worked together on this project.
NO.2 Analysis of the current situation and design difficulties
Externally: the building has a cumbersome and old appearance, and the building does not form any echoing relationship with its surroundings.
Interior: Due to the relevant regulations, the original building structure cannot be completely demolished and only limited renovation can be carried out on the basis of the original structure; the interior has insufficient natural light and poor ventilation; the layout of the original space is unreasonable.
NO.3 Design description
We have sought to integrate environment, function and psychological needs to create an ideal home that is 'comfortable, simple and relaxing' for the owners.
On the one hand,we have made a holistic planning and design from the building to the interior space to the landscape courtyard; the interior is dominated by the living function, while the exterior is dominated by the building, landscape and courtyard. On the other hand, the space has been re-functionalised to take into account the owner's living needs, with particular emphasis on the regulation of light, wind and air.
(1)New life in an old house.
The exterior of the renovated building is made up of a number of white square boxes that join, stagger and bite into each other, creating a visual hierarchy of space and a sense of architectural massing through dynamic stacking.The entrance courtyard is clean and simple, linking the landscape to the building and acting as a breathing centre for the whole living organism.
(2)Tone of space.
Home spaces are personalised and can take on different temperaments depending on the region and the personality of the owner. In the process of contact with the owner, the elegance of the hostess was captured by the designer and translated into the language of the space. The simple design language is an expression of elegance, and through minimalist design techniques, we have achieved a balance between rationality and sensuality, warmth and hardness in the space, bringing a sense of calm.
Large areas of warm wood finishes are paired with lighter shades of lacquer, giving the space a unified texture. The dark-toned open kitchen and dining areas add a touch of calm to the overall light-toned space, with the contrast between shades enhancing the visual hierarchy.
(3)Shifting Light.
While ensuring the privacy of the space, the ingenious window openings introduce light and shadows and views into the interior; the light in the interior changes richly at different times of day and seasons, and there is more interaction and interest between space and light and shadow. The airflow between each floor is also resolved, improving the comfort of living.
The clean lacquer of the bathroom and the natural stone create a harmonious and natural atmosphere as the materials collide with each other. The bathtub falls in front of the glass window and the dappled shadows of the trees outside are mapped onto the curtains, creating a different kind of painting. The curtains of the trees outside create a different kind of painting.
(4)The Healing House
Home is a place that heals and nourishes; at night, the warm yellow light warms the whole villa, standing quietly in the night, waiting for the owner's family to return. Open the door and leave your tiredness outside, accompanied by a burst of laughter, the family's time together slowly unfolds in a warm and loving atmosphere.
NO.4 Ending
Home, it doesn't matter if it's gorgeous or simple, it doesn't matter if it's style or fashion.
A home should be a place where one can relax and slow down. The moment one moves into a new home, a new life is just beginning.
It's not about having enough,rather it's about liking it enough.

Touchstone Interior Design

TSD was founded by Mr. Zhang Xuanwei in 2000 and established TIMEIS in 2011. The company is committed to providing clients with high-level, high-value comprehensive design consulting services. With over 20 years of experience in project design and execution for real estate and brand enterprises, TSD's business scope covers real estate projects, commercial and office projects, villa residences, and art installation designs. TSD offers clients fully integrated customized solutions encompassing branding, products,and target audiences. TSD's works have continuously received prestigious awards both domestically and internationally, including the German IF Design Award, HK APIDA Interior Design Award, IAI Design Award, Golden Bund Award, and Golden Hall Award.
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