IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Environmental Sustainability :A Red Power Plant Dancing with the City


Project Description

The complicated industrial buildings will have potential negative impact on the surrounding countryside and beautiful urban suburbs. Under the background of rapid urbanization in China, today's urban suburbs will become vibrant urban built-up areas tomorrow. We have to imagine what kind of power plant should be presented in the future urban built-up area in order to achieve harmonious coexistence with the city.
In order to minimize the impact of the power plant on the surrounding environment, we have fully investigated the site and studied the power generation process to present a comprehensive planning of the production space, including huge gas turbines, waste heat boilers , chemical water workshops and substations, in order to design an environmentally friendly power plant by applying various advanced technical means - from pollution control to protection of city image, even opening to the city and creating an unprecedented " industrial museum" embedded into a power plant to promote study tours.
The refined industrial design language is applied in architectural design, which creates an exciting industrial scene as well as an urban landscape for public display- A red power plant dancing with the city.
The design has the following five levels of thinking:
1. Guided by comprehensive space planning, integrate various disciplines and industrial process requirement to realize efficient production activities under limited land use ;
2. Enabling environmentally friendly design strategies for power plants to enhance their environmental sustainability
3. Create a new form of industrial museum in the power plant to enhance the project's public charm and attractiveness to the city’s business environment.
4. Seek new breakthroughs in the language of industrial design, lead the aesthetics of industrial architecture , and carry out the mission of economic and cultural exchanges as well as build a bridge of communication between countries through excellent design.
5. Foresightedly connect power plant construction with urban renewal research , viewpoint to be raised to the height of urban development space, respond positively to growing cities and their spatial expansion, as well as realistic thinking on the protection and appreciation of land value


Shanghai JOIN Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is a famous architectural design brand in China certified by China Enterprise Credit Evaluation.
The company's advertisements and documentaries are on CCTV prime time and interviews are published in People's Daily. The company's design works have achieved good results in domestic
The company aims to become China's "urban think tank" and provide a constant source of new power for "China's intelligent manufacturing".
We aim to become China's "urban think tank" and provide a constant source of new power for "China's smart manufacturing".
The company's business scope covers urban planning, urban design, feasibility study, architectural design, landscape design, interior design and other special design and consultation.
The company's business scope covers urban planning, urban design, feasibility study, architectural design, landscape design, interior design and other special design and consultation, and has formed professional advantages in urban complex, industrial cluster, urban renewal, beautiful countryside and comprehensive human living environment。
We have formed professional advantages in urban complexes, industrial clusters, urban renewal , beautiful villages and comprehensive habitat environment creation. We emphasize the combination and complementary of multiple scales, and also promote interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary cooperation.
We seek to find new frontiers and possibilities in both practice and academia. We have gathered a large group of experienced and innovative designers. They love life , are passionate, and work happily
They love life, are passionate, and are happy to work in a way that fully integrates their own ideals with the values and needs of their clients. The professionals at JOIN have a high level of professionalism.
Most of the core designers have high education, overseas study background and many years of experience in China.
Through extensive design practice, JOIN has gradually developed its own design style and working methods, and has formed a whole set of rigorous work processes within the company.
A rigorous workflow has been developed within the firm. From pre-project research to mid-term in-depth design to final completion, we strive to be We strive to be professional and methodical. This ensures that in the context of China's rapid economic development, their rational thinking and passionate creativity can be realized to the greatest extent possible

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