IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Enjoy the rhythm of life

by Shaocheng Yan

Project Description

In the design of this case, the concept of "tree of life" is introduced, and the "tree" is cleverly deconstructed into roots, stems, flowers, green leaves and fruits, and corresponding to the corresponding floor space design.
The willow trees in spring, the phoenix trees in summer, the osmanthus flowers in autumn, and the birch in winter make the whole family feel the flow of the four seasons and listen to the rhythm of nature. Keenly aware of this, the designer introduced the concept of "tree of life" into the design of this case, and cleverly deconstructed the "tree" into roots, stems, flowers, green leaves and fruits, and corresponded to the corresponding floor space design.
The underground floor is composed of study area, tea tasting area and fitness area. The nutrients, water and soil metaphorically represented by these three Spaces are the elements on which the "Tree of life" depends for survival.
Abstract root sculpture, quietly rooted in the corner, still tenacious upward. Only deep in the soil, can dense green mask the sun, just like this "tree of life" vitality. The learning zone is the nourishment that feeds the tree of life. The round white ceiling and curved linen sofa neutralize the square impression of the space. The sunlight from the light well leaks in, rendering the study area soft and comfortable, and you can enjoy the good afternoon reading time in your leisure time.
The tea tasting area is located in the underground level, which is intended to provide a continuous supply of water to the roots of the "tree of life". A cup of warm tea, a ray of fragrance, a time. The circular tea table is elegant and low-key, but also more secure; Simple and atmospheric open space, free storage, the whole room is full of comfortable atmosphere.
The fitness area on the underground level, equivalent to the soil of the tree, constantly provides energy to the "tree of life". Exercise to expand your body; Meditate, explore yourself.

Shaocheng Yan

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