IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Eight tri-grams • Dragon mountains and seas- Concept Design of Urban Grandstand in Shenzhen Tanglangshan Country Park

by CHEN Hang

Projet Description


CHEN Hang, National Registered Urban and Rural Planner, Landscape Engineer and Outstanding Interior Decoration Designer of Guangdong Province, who is devoted to small and medium-sized urban planning and design, architecture and public art and diverse fields. He won the Gold Award of "2021 Park City Future Scene Creative Design Competition Professional Group", the First Prize of "Guangdong Province Vocational Skills Competition --" Lingnan Cup "Interior Designer Vocational Skills Competition", and ANNUAL Gold Award of "CHINESE CREATIVE DESIGN ANNUAL 2018/2019", Gold Medal of “Sino japan Art & Design Exchange Exhibition” and domestic and international competition awards. He published the Application of Sponge City Theory in the New Area of County Seat under the Sustainable Landscape -- Taking the ECD Design of Baihetan in Xinjin as an Example, Brief Analysis of the Future Village Vision of Loli Mountain Fossil Resource Characteristics, Urban Design Exploration under the Integration Path of Human Settlement Design Discipline taking Jianshui Chuangxiang Slow Activity Zone as an Example and many journal papers. He focused on design practices that conformed to the law of regional development and maximized comprehensive value.

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