IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

East Hollywood KTV culture road headquarters

by Bingcai Cai

Projet Description

Oriental Hollywood is a multifunctional entertainment venue of a chain KTV, and the pioneer of Weifang self-service KTV entertainment supermarket. When our company received the design commission from Party A, Party A had already operated several branches and owned more than 100 boxes. Party A's idea is to be a flagship store, which is consistent with our company's initial positioning.
The dancing butterfly kite is designed by the designer in combination with the local kite culture. Weifang kites, like many folk art forms in China, are produced in people’s entertainment activities. They are an entertainment product that entrusts people’s ideals and wishes and is closely related to people’s lives.
The dancing top surface and the changing starry sky ceiling lights create different visual feelings.
The design of the top surface of the KTV dancing is inspired by the digital matrix and is also a symbol of the virtual future. The interpretation of different modes of lighting gives the music a physical presentation, and the flow of music can be captured visually, which enlivens the overall space and also increases multi-sensory communication.
The concealed light strips arranged on the ground and the top surface brighten the space, and the strong contrast between black and light and shadow forms a virtual future.

Bingcai Cai
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