IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

East first distr ict school

by Wenbin Chen

Projet Description

The overall function of the building adopts a centralized and courtyard layout, forming a complete functional community through the enclosure and opening of the building. The shape of the building is concise and clear, the details are rich and exquisite, and the control of the architectural scale is emphasized. Emphasizes the closeness between buildings and people, reflecting the cultural flavor of campus buildings. The interior adopts simple design techniques and bright colors to create a positive learning atmosphere full of positive energy. The key parts highlight the effect, reflect the image and quality of the school, keep pace with the times, and walk in the forefront of the times. Under the premise of meeting the requirements of teaching functions and benefiting students' physical and mental health, the design principles are safe, applicable, economical and beautiful. Adhere to the human-centered design concept, scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development goals, meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection; meet the requirements that are conducive to saving construction investment and reducing later operating costs.

Wenbin Chen
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