IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

E7MAX Smart Sit-Stand Desk

by Flexisport Inc (Xiang Lehong,Ye Haoyu,Wei Ruizhi)

Project Description

Product introduction:This desk is designed to enhance the comfort and concentration of working from home. The innovative cable integration system allows users to easily keep the working environment tidy and avoid the risk of tripping by children and pets. The in-tube wiring design ensures that the wiring is hidden and provides a safe working space.
Design essentials:Improve home office space through innovative cable integration system, brushless motor and smart APP. Users can freely adjust the height and position of the desk to create a neat and orderly workspace and improve concentration when working from home.
Design background: In the face of the trend of more and more people choosing to work remotely from home, the Flexispot brand hopes to change the chaotic desktop cable layout, provide a focused working environment, and optimize the user experience through ergonomic design. The sit-stand desk achieves the unity of function and form through cable integration system, modular design and motor innovation, providing users with a comfortable and efficient home office experience.
Design achievement:This lifting table effectively solves the problem of cluttered desktop cables through the integrated cable management system, maintains a tidy office environment, and improves work concentration. The in-tube cable design protects children and pets from tripping injuries and improves space utilization. The powerful and low-noise brushless motor provides a smooth and quiet lifting experience, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 180kg, which is safe and reliable and very suitable for home office scenarios.
Design advantage:The lifting design can adjust the height of the table according to user needs, relieve leg numbness and back and neck fatigue, meet the needs of sit-stand office, and help focus on work. The smart APP realizes infinite adjustment, further optimizes the user experience, and cultivates a scientific and healthy home office mode. The desk also has built-in power sockets, USB ports and other accessories, providing a one-stop equipment solution to make the working environment neater and more convenient.

Flexisport Inc (Xiang Lehong,Ye Haoyu,Wei Ruizhi)

Flexispot Inc is a company that focuses on providing innovative office furniture and health solutions, creating a comfortable and efficient working environment for customers, and providing products such as lifting tables and office chairs to help alleviate the health problems caused by long-term sitting and improve work efficiency. In addition to product innovation, we also provide personalized customization services to meet the needs of different industries and individuals. We strive to create an ideal home office environment, provide customers with high-quality products and services, become a trusted partner, improve the quality of work and life, and bring health and happiness.
In terms of awards and honors: the company has won the IDA American International Design Gold Award, the IDEA American Excellent Industrial Design Award, DIA China Design Intelligence Award, the American MUSE Platinum Award, the China Contemporary Good Design Award, the Chicago Neocon Office Furniture Award, the SIT Swiss Furniture Design Award and many other international awards.

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