IDPA Japan Design Award

Double Rabbits

by Su Chang Design Research Office

Project Description

Double Rabbits is a formal abstraction of rabbit ears that creates a functional double of traditional Chinese tableware: chopsticks holder and soy sauce dipping bowl. The design looks for a new language for contemporary woodcraft, between traditional techniques and emerging technologies (paper clay models, wood carving, photogrammetry, laser-cutting, 3D printing), between typical wood stocks and new materials(camphor blocks, engineered basswood plates, paper clay, wood and cork filaments).
We translated the carving techniques of geometric approximation into an architectural process from drawing to space-making. creating a methodological connection between the two disciplines through their common attention to the issue of space

Su Chang Design Research Office

Su Chang Design Research Office brings together design, research, and action to rebuild architecture's relationship with the environment. Our work innovates familiar-seeming elements through contemporary cultures, new technologies, and environmental considerations, provoking a broader imagination of architecture as geography. The projects embrace multiple senses of materiality and cultures of living within the clear formal language of architecture. We have taken a hands-on and open design approach to envision architecture as spatial infrastructures that support future iterations and adaptations, encouraging sustainability, diversity, and participation.

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