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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Dongsheng soup dumpling

by Yuri Sun

Projet Description

Almost every post-60s and 70s born in Yantai has such a picture: the breakfast shop owner uncovered the steamer cover, and the mist wrapped in the fragrant meat and wheat scented his face. The crystal clear soup dumpling has become a warmth and innocence that cannot be forgotten in the hearts of the people of that era.
The main concept of the first floor is haziness, which comes from the light, transparent skin. There is also the haziness that rushes to the face when the steamer is opened. We freeze the moment when the steamer is opened, as a device in the center of the space. The hazy effect of mist is added to the window display of the kitchen. Steamed buns and steam are one reality and one fictitious, but they have a faint in common: the mist lingers around the buns, the dough is wrapped in meat fillings; the hot steam is the prelude to the buns, and the tender dough is the filling. Touching before touching the taste buds. The thin and dense bun folds are neat and rhythmic like handicrafts, and the outline of the bun is soft and round.
We take the clear and transparent bun skin and the hazy steam as a set of concepts, expressed by the ingenuity of the workers, and transformed it into an architectural language to construct a space.
This brand responds to time by looking at the ingenuity and dignity of life, abide by strict food materials and craftsmanship specifications. This emotion and will touched us. We refined the complex fermentation process and incorporated it into the design concept, and used terrazzo to interpret the fermentation process: the cement paste is the dough, and the stones are the bubbles in the fermentation process. By adjusting the amount, size and color of the aggregate, the state of the dough in different stages of the fermentation process is simulated.

Yuri Sun


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