IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

DongJian – Xiamen OJI carbon burning winehouse


Projet Description

This case is located in Hall C of Xiamen JFC Pinshang Center. In the special-shaped interlaced space with unique caves and sky, the designer creates a 3D dynamic experience field through the change of curves, which simulates a mysterious and primitive adventure drama.
To a certain extent, the design subverts the imagination and cognition of space, and uses the original wild technique of interlacing to create a cave that shocks the audience.
In the selection of materials and materials, the earth-color art paint is selected to polish the rough cave wall texture, which naturally generates the original power of returning to the original. Matched with the terrazzo ground, it is strong but not obtrusive, reflecting the imagination of "it space" in the light and shadow, and the sense of mystery is bursting.
The dislocated column and the main entrance of the elevator hall extending into it are both a visual guide and a sense of ritual. The wind of the rock cave, there is still a lot of space between the inside and the outside, which exudes an irresistible grandeur.
The design of the cash register adopts the brushwork of a top-to-bottom stroke with a hook as a whole. The integrated shape blends with the warm "red" collision. The secret hidden in the layout design is the efficiency philosophy presented in the exquisite design. The overall style of the design is not abruptly divided by the change of space function, and the overall tone is merged with each other through extension.
The designer uses geometrical techniques to divide the space, gives the potential spatial logic to the image, and explores the fantasy trajectory that is not bound by the rules through the twisting and changing of the curved surface.
Using design to guide the line of sight, the sky terrace and the far-end sea view are in the same line.



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