IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Design of Suzhou Central Songhelou Suzhou Style Noodle Shop Restaurant

by Duxun(michael)

Project Description

He Songhelou Songhelou Noodle Restaurant (Pine and Crane Tower) managed various kinds of Su style Noodles in the early years of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, which has a history of 260 years. Later, it gradually developed into a restaurant in terms of food restaurant. Songhelou has gained a great reputation and is highly popular among diners due to its strong but not greasy, clear but not light, elegant color, and beautiful appearance. Centennial Songhelou, master cuisine. Songhelou has become a well-known "tongue tip business card" in Suzhou all over China.
BThe Suzhou Center is one of the few projects in Suzhou with a large scale in recent years, with a total construction area of approximately 1.13 million square meters. It integrates a super large shopping center, an international 5A level office building, a service-oriented CBD apartment, and a W hotel. The project is jointly developed by Jinji Lake City Development Company and world-renowned real estate developer Kaide Group, and has become a world-class CBD and Suzhou landmark business card all over the world.
The Suzhou Central Songhelou Noodle Restaurant is located in the northern district of Suzhou Central, and is the core brand display store of Songhelou Group.


2013-2016 Nanjing University of Science andTechnology Master of Management (Engineering)
2005-2017 Kunshan City Foundation Architectural Engineering Company Designer
2018-2023 Suzhou Maokun Construction Company Chief Designer
2020 Excellent Color Matching Engineer (China Architectural Decoration Association)
Huading Awards Gold Medal of Innovation Design Works Competition of 2021 China Architectural Decoration and Design Art Expo (China Architectural Decoration Association)
2022 Excellent Color Matching Engineer (China Architectural Decoration Association)

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