IDPA Japan Design Award

Dehua Yango Longen Lijing Bay Villa


Projet Description

Dehua County, Quanzhou City is known as the "World Ceramic Capital". Porcelain, as the common cultural gene of Dehua people, is deposited in everyone's heart. In modern times, the context of nature and humanity is complemented by the infiltration of ancient and modern Western culture, the collision of classics, and the natural meaning and humanistic feelings will last forever and be reborn. Integrating design into life, rooted in the fertile soil of spiritual ideals, blooms the flowers of life aesthetics.
As an important communication and meeting space, the living room on the first floor is unified in function and aesthetics. The atmospheric floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to flow freely in the space, and time advances slowly, allowing the old and new Eastern and Western cultures to blend into a peaceful look. The furniture has both soft colors and curved gestures, which is the pursuit of modern French life.
Space is inclusive, and beauty is beauty, which lies in the harmony of the flow of art details. The rattan chandelier is the owner's love for a touch of exotic style. When the individual walks into the world, the harvest is the touch of beauty. When the individual walks to the family, the touch of beauty becomes a friend of space, even if it is a chandelier.
The spiritual process of returning to the essence of human beings builds aesthetic and spiritual heights in cultural exchanges, making the space a residence of the soul. The design of this case is based on the long-distance traditional culture of Dehua, Fujian, collides with the aesthetic culture of the West, uses a natural and harmonious attitude, blooms the artistic charm of the space with careful ingenuity, and makes life full of poetry in a subtle way.

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