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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Dandelion Happy Garden

by Daqun Su

Projet Description

Dandelion Happy Garden
Design description: The project is located in the hinterland of Qinchuan, Shaanxi Province, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Beginning with the capture of nature, mountains and rivers, the design is based on the concept of "dandelion seeds", a symbol that has the image of Chinese farming culture. Then the kindergarten of Shaanxi Preschool Teachers College was built, the design and deformation of the elements in the nature were applied to the space, the circular pattern three-dimensional circulation created layered rhythm, coordination and rhythm made the architectural space not complicated. The unified prototype and carving on the wall, floor-to-ceiling glass enhance the lighting and ventilation effect of the building, allowing children to learn to see the world outside the window from different perspectives. The curved moving lines make the whole building look full of vitality, forming the focus of architectural design, giving it a dynamic sense of life; it is more fresh and artistic in form. The design combines multiple innovative elements to offset its own energy consumption and carbon emissions. The balcony green plants can produce oxygen and can also absorb carbon dioxide. The materials themselves also fully consider environmental factors because they can optimize indoor air quality.
The overall shape of the project uses extremely simple, abstract, pure and simple monochrome style in size and color, like a dandelion swaying in the wind, forming a harmonious relationship with the natural landscape. Among the natural flowers, the heart is full when the flowers are full, and all the goodness is reflected on the smiling faces of the children.

Daqun Su
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