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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

《Dance》Ttsp・X Clothing Store

by Bowen Cao

Projet Description

Ttsp·X is a women's clothing brand that has been rooted in Foshan for more than a decade. With the rapid upgrade of regional shopping malls, the original store image cannot meet the aesthetic requirements of modern women. Wufei Design hopes to upgrade the image of "she" in the design of Ttsp·X's new shopping mall store, creating a low-key, light-luxury fashion aesthetic life Pavilion, thus occupying the market. The design inspiration comes from the cloth fabric of the clothing itself. We extract the "curve" symbol from it and construct the curved space. Stepping into the room, it is like being in a very dynamic space. The matching high-level space colors enable people to get the impression of the product through feeling, and then form a new recognition and cognition of the brand. The door head design breaks the same form of opening the door, and is designed with a symmetrical "M" curved surface in the middle.
The entrance is designed in the middle and stepped back 1.2 meters to enter. The harmonious colors and soft lighting performance are not exaggerated, not only creating a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere, but also inadvertently expressing a low-key, humble and ceremonial way of welcoming. On both sides of the entrance are curved showcases, emphasizing the compartmental design of the internal space and the commercial block. The repetitive combination of textures, colors, lines and shapes of various materials constitutes an artistic display space. The entrance front hall is the exhibition area. In order to shape the brand temperament, we use curved elements to design the front hall as a curved dome, and through the two-level wall and ceiling dislocation design, enrich the levels and create a unique and streamlined beauty.

Bowen Cao
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