IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Customized life ohua ecological top wall customized home


Projet Description

Customized life ohua ecological top wall customized home Compared with similar competitive properties, our work has unique design planning and market positioning: First of all, my design philosophy is "design is for life, design is for product", since design is for product, So in my understanding, for a ceiling store, its products should appear where they should appear, and make the best use of everything to restore its actual value. In short, the ceiling products are still installed on the top surface, and the wall panel products are installed on the wall, each performing its own duties. Secondly, in the design of this space, we adopted the concept of "siheyuan". Entering from the entrance, different spaces are set on the left and right, including the front. We set up the atmosphere of "form and idea" in the space, and then through the installation and production of the products on the top of the wall, a relatively complete individual space is formed, thus forming a complete courtyard. In addition, for product display, we are more inclined to form a decorative art through classification, and present it to customers in the form of visual experience; at the same time, increase interactive experience areas, such as fresh air fans, air conditioners, etc. Customers can realize the feedback relationship between products and customers by operating the control buttons.

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