IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Curtain Wall Design of Wuhan Zhuoer Marriott Hotel Podium and Wuhan Living Room Art Building

by Qin Hong

Project Description

The podium of Wuhan Zhuoer Marriott Hotel and the Wuhan Living Room Art Building are located next to the Wuhan Living Room Exhibition Hall on Hongtu Avenue in Dongxihu, Wuhan. They are landmark buildings in the area, with a curtain wall elevation of about 137 meters and an area of about 39190 square meters. The curtain wall is in the form of aluminum panels, metal grilles, and glass. The building adopts a Gemini exterior design style with spiral stacking of book pages and back, and the exterior curtain wall is made of red and white aluminum panels with clear layers of aluminum alloy grilles and glass. The overall appearance of the curtain wall gives people a strong artistic shock and visual beauty. The curtain wall design was completed from 2017 to 2021, always adhering to the close coordination between design and construction, overcoming the difficulty of aluminum plate modeling and processing technology, and making the final construction of this form perfectly showcase the architectural design effect, becoming a classic modern art work.

Qin Hong

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