IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Create Decompression Space with Oriental Minimalism

by Wuxi Jiansu Interior Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

There are three levels of human pleasure: the first level is physical pleasure and sensory satisfaction; the second level is utilitarian satisfaction, or fame or fortune; the third level is meaningless happiness, which we call aesthetics .
Renovate office space by creating high-quality private houses
Transcendental Practice from Co-operation to Co-living
Peking University professor Wang Dingding said: "Our way of life is Western, but our emotional and psychological structure are still Eastern." As a space design brand, it is also a life aesthetics brand, and jiansu cares about the food, clothing, housing, transportation, emotional relationship and spiritual world of space users. From the needs of the functional dimension, the emotional dimension, and the spiritual dimension, we will create a three-dimensional "decompression space" that matches the values of the target population.
To create an office is to build a life scene where you can immerse and experience the aesthetics of the element. The living system is perfectly connected with the work system, transforming from a traditional office space to a transcendent co-living community, allowing everyone to work, collaborate and live together in a space of more than 500 square meters, sharing a high-quality private house lifestyle.

Wuxi Jiansu Interior Design Co., Ltd


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