IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Corporate headquarters design project of Youlai technology co.,Ltd.

by JIAHUA Design

Projet Description

The purpose of the design is:
Low-cost, high-efficiency, and simplified on-site production process. Except for the hardware's hydropower system, steel structure, floor material construction, and facade construction, everything else is done off-site and on-site installation.
Secondly, the overall style effect is "light decoration, heavy decoration". The scene is decorated with "black, white and gray loft industrial style" as the main decoration, and then matched with "wood" representing the original ecology and color furniture with both fashion and personality. , Accessories, paintings.
In order to better "utilize resources", the original air conditioning equipment and office furniture will be used as much as possible in the new site, but the original office furniture will be supplemented with new colors (colors matching the overall design).

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