IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Lu’s generational Jun kiln

by Zhengzhou Zhiyuan Xingfang Packaging Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

High-temperature kiln firing is key to ceramics-making. Among the five famous kilns in China, the firing temperature of Jun ware is the highest, up to 1,300 degrees. Therefore, the packaging concept for this porcelain bowl recreates the high-temperature firing process. The front of the package simulates the marks of the fired paper, and allows users to perceive the molding process of this aesthetic work, which has gone through both physical and chemical changes. The square-shaped stamp adds a sense of history. The illustrations on the outer packaging are intended to depict and reproduce the ancient town of Shenlong/Shenhou, the capital of Jun ware in China..The modern graphic design style renders a distinctive visual identity and a sense of history. Also, the package can form a long scroll image, making it recognizable and eye-catching on the shelf.

Zhengzhou Zhiyuan Xingfang Packaging Design Co., Ltd

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