IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

City of Light sales office

by Yaonian Li

Projet Description

We hope to present a pure space like an art museum in a new form of creation, reshaping the academic schools belonging to this era. The purpose of art is not to show the appearance of things, but to show the inner meaning of things.
— — Aristotle
The beginning of the space, we hope to be the feeling of an art palace, which can be like warm in winter or cool in summer, flowing into people's hearts slowly, telling a story about the connection between college time and art.
A statue of Arias stands quietly in the front hall space. She is a symbol of bravery. In the past academy time to the current torrent of time, you yourself have become a museum. Among the many achievements and experiences, which will become your collection. Those youths who had nowhere to stay can find a place called home to stop here.
In this age full of numbers, we have never forgotten the splendour and sincerity in our hearts. It has beauty, love, and elegance. Just like the arches, colonnades and mosquitoes in this space live up to the classic name and will last forever.
The objects with the imprint of time are accompanied by the smell of coffee and books. It turned out that I was still the same teenager who hadn't changed a bit. Time is just a test, and the faith in my heart has not diminished. In the backcourt area, we introduced books and coffee into it to create a relaxing cultural communication space.

Yaonian Li

2019法国双面神GPDP AWARD 国际设计大奖
2019 美国国际创新设计大奖 年度 TOP100国际影响力设计师大奖 ;

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