IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

This project is located in the core area of Wuhan, with the river as the axis, deducing the charm of the city and listening to the true meaning of life. As a lifestyle exhibition center, the sales office presents a diversified and interactive attribute in the context of modern humanities. The concept of "gathering water for wealth" integrated in the design not only symbolizes the gathering of prosperity and wealth, but also builds a spiritual space full of spirituality, so that visitors can feel the nourishment and promotion of their hearts while enjoying material civilization.
The clubhouse supporting the project is specially designed for the elite with excellent taste. From well-equipped private gymnasiums and yoga rooms to heated swimming pools with pleasant seasons, every place is the ultimate practice of the concept of healthy living, making exercise and freedom a daily melody. The configuration of the wine and cigar tasting area and the luxurious private banquet hall provides an extraordinary place for business negotiations and family gatherings. Every gathering is a perfect combination of exclusive service and taste feast. This project abandons the category of traditional space, and is a high-end dialogue that deeply discusses the evolution of lifestyle, cultural blending and spiritual pursuit, and vividly shows the elegant mood and profound cultural heritage of contemporary urban life.


IF DESIGN has always adhered to the concept of "aesthetics, life and rebirth". Constantly cross the border and keep the design forward-looking and innovative. Respect customer characteristics and cultural diversity, and inject insatiable enterprising power into a better life. It is The Yuguo's brand positioning to drive design with creativity and to be an interesting and original design brand with a sense of temperature. Put all kinds of tide play elements into practice, pay attention to the creation of home scenes, respect the expression of personality, pay attention to the diversity of experience, have emotional resonance with contemporary young people, construct life stories and generate a sense of belonging.


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