IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Chongqing Yunling Womei Film City—Oriental Wuxia Era


Project Description

When it comes to martial arts, people can have special feelings for it, which is nothing more than the close connection between history and civilization, and it is a unique existence in the world film market. From the rise of martial arts movies after the 90s to the decline 10 years later, there are many classic memories of film history in it.
The punk expression of Chinese space aesthetics belongs exclusively to the "martial arts era" of the East.
The overall scheme uses martial arts elements to be abstracted and implanted into the scene, combined with modern metal materials and cyberpunk lighting, to pry the artistic conception with form and create a unique new martial arts space. The function of the hall is mainly divided into three main areas: self-service vending area, rest area and leisure and entertainment area.
In the design of this case, we shape the overall shape through the "flowing clouds" and "Jinsong", the super high-rise height of the hall, the whole space runs through in the form of flowing clouds, the scene is real and virtual, between the true and the false, it seems to be in the clouds and mist, looking at the tall Jinsong, but the feeling is to the point, half of it is the lights of the Chinese space, and the other half is the sense of future science and technology through time and space. Do not stick to traditional forms of expression, do not follow stereotypes. We hope that through this case, we can interpret a modern martial arts world full of futuristic technological fantasies.
"Realize your dreams and live up to your time." With the passage of time, we may forget the stories of classic martial arts images 20 years ago, the wonderful fight scenes, and even the legends and deeds left by our ancestors in this land, but the spirit of martial arts will be passed down from generation to generation, which is also the design implication of this case.


Founded in Beijing and based in Chengdu, GOOD has been conducting continuous research and experimentation across multiple fields such as commercial space, cinema, and homestay. Whether it's a plane or a space, whether it's a cultural project or a commercial project, the value of design lies in the idea. GOOD pays attention to the changes of the times and the insights of life, and maintains independent thinking as a spectator while integrating into the design. In the current era of urbanization and informatization, there are too many meaningless and thoughtless choices, GOOD has always been loyal to intuition, returned to the origin, and explored the relationship between people, things and space through rational logical combing.

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