IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

China Overseas Property·Shantou LA CITE project model room of 197 units

by Guangzhou Lingxilidu Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

There are seven stars in the Big Dipper, and the knuckles of the bucket handle are years of age. Since then, the vicissitudes of life have changed, without losing the delay. The solar term is a summary of the changing laws of the four seasons and the wisdom of our ancestors in exploring the natural universe. We take solar terms and objects as the space theme, and incorporate various plants and scenes corresponding to different solar terms to create a comfortable, elegant and artistic space that conveys different life activities carried out by different solar terms. No matter how time changes, you must be self-disciplined, maintain a calm mind, and grasp the best time of the year to become a person who understands life better.

Guangzhou Lingxilidu Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

广州灵西里渡软装饰设计有限公司,一家追求极致意境美感的室内软装设计定制服务商, 面向国内外地产开发商,针对酒店、大型商业空间、会所、别墅、示范单位等,提供专业软装设计、采购、陈设及项目运营为一体的软装设计公司。我们的理念是秉承匠心设计理念,追求极致意境美感享受,为推动软装设计产业发展努力奋斗!

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