IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

CCCG Real Estate · Xiang Jiang Lai

by Goodlinks

Projet Description

The background of the reception hall is presented as a curved landscape art wall formed by the flipping combination of metal laminations which brings visual impact from different angles with the changing light and shadow. The verdant stone is the finishing touch to inject the spiritual color.
The space is developed progressively and the layers are enhanced gradually. The lighting echoes the streamline of the grille, revealing the texture completely between the virtual and the real. The column made of pure and delicate gray marble highlights the texture through an acid-washed surface treatment. The dark marble finish of the sand table creates a more quiet and artistic space.
The concise and refined architectural language of the negotiation area forms an open and clear space sequence. As the artistic staircase comes into view, a strong sense of order is created in the interlacing shapes and shadows. Extending and enhancing the ceremony of the negotiation area, the water bar features an etching bar counter matched with the emerald stone wine cabinet, which makes the whole space agile and full of rituals.
In the Shanghai-style metropolis atmosphere, the contrast of black and gold is elegant and noble. The dark wood veneer background highlights the calm and heavy texture of the space to create an exclusive private living room. Integrating reality and reality, the abstracting artistic screen of the wok-room is the implantation of Lingnan culture, which increases the humanistic atmosphere of the space.


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