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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Buxu House · Stay with Your Heart Homestay

by Qiguang Liu(Michael)

Projet Description

Buxu Tower is an old vacant house on Yuelu Mountain. Standing on the mountain, one can see the bustling and hustle and bustle of Changsha city under the mountain, and at the same time, it seems to be busy and exhausted. If you can temporarily let go of busyness and exhaustion, it will definitely be a very comfortable thing to look into the distance and spend time freely. We transformed the old house into a hotel and named it "Du Xukong" in order to have such a place on the mountain.
Du: I regard it as a unit of time. Void: It should be a state of nothingness. The combination of the three words is: live the life you want in a free, relaxed, and comfortable state. This should be the spirit of space and place that I want to express in the homestay.
The building is divided into two parts: the main building and the auxiliary building. The two buildings are connected with each other by a corridor and landscape. The main functions of the main building are planned for reception, catering, and multi-functional reception, while the side building is mainly housing. The designer hopes to integrate the landscape, lighting, and virtual reality into the interior. The building structure of the annex building is the basement level and the ground level. There is basically no daylighting conditions in the basement. In order to meet the lighting and space ventilation, a glass box lighting step ladder is designed in the center of the building. All guest rooms are arranged around the glass box. In addition, each box has an independent landscape courtyard.

Qiguang Liu(Michael)
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