IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Blurred to explore a different aesthetic

by Zhouxiao'an space decoration design co.LTD

Projet Description

The realm of confusion. Explore a different kind of aestheticism
When we received this case, we discussed with the owner what we wanted and found that he was actually very clear, and his personality was also very clear. So in accordance with the owner's preferences, we did not make redundant changes in space, but only made partial optimizations. As for the overall design atmosphere, we chose to use wood veneer, and also followed the owner°Øs favorite color tone, and selected black wood veneer to match the colors in the design. In the later period, some soft matching methods were used to match some color-shifting treatments. We will not impose our own ideas on customers, but rather create the feeling that customers want through professional design.
For the entire space on the first floor, the biggest change we made was to expand the balcony to increase the sense of space in the entire space. The living room uses four floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to integrate the entire outdoor garden with the indoor space. When it's sunny, you can open all the sliding doors. After opening, the interior and the garden can be completely integrated, which is convenient for young people to hold some parties later.

Zhouxiao'an space decoration design co.LTD
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