IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Bliss. Re-birth

by Inner Interior Design Ltd.

Project Description

This project is a renovation of an aged single-storey house with an interior area of about 79 square meters.
Benefiting from the good condition of the old house, the design focuses on rearranging the ratio of the units to achieve the client's expectation of an optimal floor space layout by removing partitions and releasing the scale, including the public hall area, the master bedroom, and the future children's room; and secondly, focusing on the narrow width of the TV wall, how to weaken the sense of visual interruption, and integrate the storage plan and style compatibility, which is the core of the whole project's conceptualization. The materials selected for the space adhere to the principles of nature and environmental protection, and the design draws on the wabi-sabi style of art, reversing the modern method of craftsmanship and invoking a large amount of wood and warm yellow color temperature, so that the soft detailing reveals the purity and depth of life, and the quiet residual charm of the flow of light and shadow with the seasons is felt.
The main wall of the public area overcomes the difficulty of curved surfaces and extends the width of the wall, creating a soft and open flow of the surroundings, which guides the flow of movement and preserves the flexible space of the children's room at the back of the house. The main beams of the house define the hidden area, and lighting is used to add layers and eliminate oppression; the optimal capacity ratio of the storage configuration is used, and the entry and exit of the master bedroom and living room structure is also utilized to create additional storage rooms, so that the functions are complete without being obtrusive, and harmoniously integrating into the living style. The private area inherits the light and warm atmosphere, and the windowless children's room uses a wooden grille to maximize ventilation, and the magnet opens and closes to take care of privacy, returning to the nature of functionality and superfluous space, and bringing back to life the happy model that belongs to this home.

Inner Interior Design Ltd.

The central idea of our space design is integrated in the name of “裏白” studio. “裏” (Chinese pronounce as “Lee”) represents the “inner” beauty of architecture in Chinese culture.
“白” (Chinese pronounce as “Bai”) represents the art of blank-leaving which reveals our aesthetic of simplicity.
Without fussy decoration, we focus on the space itself. Through spatial design, intelligent flow and architectural principle, we give spaces new life.
We believe that “Life is full of Design, Design is inspired by Life.” Always excited about what will happen, who the people are, how’s their story in each area.
We create vivid and dynamic living spaces for end user, combine their life style into our design. So How’s your life?
House your treasures inside.

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