IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Between The Silhouettes

by MoreIn Design

Projet Description

“Between the silhouettes” is inspired by the silhouettes of the homeowner and his child as they play in the woods in the sun. The design uses existing pillars and beams in this 50-year-old building and spaces between cabinets to create seemingly spontaneous lines of sight and interactions, echoing the scenic view and arrangement of trees in the neighboring park.
By shifting and adjusting the layout with a circular flow, the common area retains some flexibility for potential changes in configuration. By slightly separating the cabinets from the ceiling and beams and creating some gaps, the design allows for the mingling of lines of sight and beams of light, improving both the natural lighting and ventilation in this space. There are shelves in the midsection of the cabinets for books or other decorative items on display, and some of the beams are designed with slight angles so that they appear less oppressive or overbearing.
The gaps that mingle between the beams and cabinets mimic the trees that are out in the park, bringing interactions and a sense of flow into the homeowner’s family life while accentuating the structural characteristics of the building. The open space and flow provide more freedom in the placement of different pieces of furniture, and the balcony, which is raised, becomes the family’s stage.

MoreIn Design

MoreIn Design, makes the comprehensive design with architectural perspective and thinking, and integrates the needs, environment, humanities, aesthetics, budget and future growth through the full communication with people and brands, and tries to use different materials, methods and themes, to customize and create the most appropriate space atmosphere and appearance.
2022 International Design Award /Honorable Mention
2022 TITAN Award / Gold Prize
2021 IF Design Award/Winner
2021 SIDA Design Award / Gold Prize
2021 APIDA Design Award / Winner
2021 Architecture Master Prize / Honorable Mention
2021 APSDA Design Award / Honorable Mention
2021 Nuvom Design Award / Gold Prize
2020 SIDA Design Award / Silver Prize
2020 K Design / Gold Prize
2020 German Design Award / Special Selection

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