IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Between Chenghe Studio and Nature

by Chenghe Studio CO.,LTD

Projet Description

The building is located at a busy roadside, allowing larger front space to offer a buffer zone for five senses.
The triangular roof is divided in a ratio of 1:1.618 for the left and right parts , which not only extends the vertical dimension but also incorporates the roof structure of the Sanheyuan, the traditional U-shaped courtyard home of Taiwan, into the architecture. With the roof ridge as the axis, the space is perfectly divided into two. The high-ceiling office and the transition wall in a different material are on the right, while the exhibition area and reception area are on the left. The VIP meeting room with a high ceiling can overlook the whole space.
In the 600CM vertical dimension formed by the corrugated iron sheets that are very common in Taiwan, it certainly breaks through the traditional impression and limitation. With a multi-layered structure, an open and bright working environment is created after getting rid of the impression of lacking in natural light.
The design is based on the concept of harmonious coexistence between human and nature. Natural materials and translucent medium create an office space with light and greenery.
The exterior is dominated by iron and glass. Light materials reduce the heaviness of the volume, and simultaneously lead to the vignetting of the light and the mixing of furniture, creating a stress-free and airy feel.
The hand-painted texture of cement floor adds a shiny touch. The wooden wall panels with holes along with samples of building materials and bonsai plants bring a warm, welcoming feel to the space.
In the meeting area, the marble wall with ink splash landscape patterns by the windows stands out. The elegant patterns of black and white create a smooth rhythm. Without touching the ceiling, the wall allows light to flow easily. The maginificent wall not only presents a traditional landscape painting for guests and customers, but also demonstrates various techniques and the aesthetic division of the numerous design skills while taking into account the privacy of the clients.
The reception area is in gray scale colors that act as a stable base. Light gray colors transform into more mellow and saturated colors while moving inward, shaping the outer and inner layers of the space through different saturations in the same color scheme.
With the symbiotic relationship between man and nature as the center, we hope to carry out this self-built project without destroying the ecological balance. Abundant natural light brightens up the dull and boring space. Now, the space not only relieves the oppressive feeling of human flow, but also creates more possibilities for air flow. In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment, we use eco-friendly, green building materials as well as organic materials as the framework to reduce any toxic contamination.

Chenghe Studio CO.,LTD

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