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International Design Pioneer Award

Beiyang artificial intelligence town rental housing interior design project

by Shanghai one mast architectural design consulting Co., LTD

Project Description

The customers of affordable rental housing are new citizens and young people, who have tangible and clear needs for the product: they want to live in a residence rather than an apartment, emphasize the living experience rather than short-term stay, expect to get a better living experience, and the needs of all stages of life can be met. They focus on residential comfort and lifestyle diversity, and carefully design fully functional and concentrated living scenes within the range of affordable small units. Based on this, our company is committed to creating high-quality affordable rental housing to meet the diverse needs of our clients for self-growth, social life and family transformation.
The warm wood color injects a comfortable and quiet tone into the whole space. The textured wood grain blends with the natural tone. The relaxed and gentle environment is full of affinity, providing a temporary and peaceful haven in the noisy city. Wooden furniture, flooring, simple and powerful white and linear light bands echo each other to create a warm and comfortable living place. Achieve visual relaxation and enjoyment.
Immersed in black and white, creating the ultimate simple aesthetic experience. The depth of black and the purity of white blend with each other, outlining the lines of the space and profoundly deducing the ultimate design philosophy. It's not just a residence, it's a black and white journey. Mysterious black and open white reflect each other in the space, and a ray of warm light breaks the imprisonment of traditional colors. In this space, light and shadow intertwine, black and white coexist in harmony, outlining a stylish and unique living atmosphere.
Wood brings a warm background color, interwoven with the calm of gray, together to build the harmonious tone of the space, adding a touch of soft Oriental beauty to the space. The texture of the terrazzo stone and the large checkerboard wall tiles with their unique texture and touch, give the entire space a rich sense of layer, these elements echo each other, and together create a deep and full of charm of the overall atmosphere.
The entrance is set up with glass brick wall partition to maintain visual permeability on the basis of static and dynamic separation, so that light can flow freely, and the entrance space becomes a wonderful beginning of the whole room. Mosaic wall tiles, wood veneer and blue wardrobe door blend with each other, natural warmth and comfortable vitality, enhance the level of space, create space rhythm.
In the public space, cement paint is used as the top - infusing the space with modern industrial texture, white is the main - bringing fresh and bright, wood and black are supplemented - balancing the cool and warm tones. The large area of white wall better reflects the light, so that the space has an open sense and integration, feel comfortable and free.
High-quality rental housing has gradually become the first choice for people to pursue comfortable living experience. While meeting the future development, our company is looking forward to helping high-quality rental housing, providing residents with a more high-quality and convenient living environment, and injecting more quality and temperature into urban life.

Shanghai one mast architectural design consulting Co., LTD

Shanghai Yihao Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD. (HAD) .By 2017, it was officially registered as an architectural and decoration and soft decoration design unit. Undertake all kinds of architectural design and transformation, interior hardcover design, and soft cover design custom procurement fabric field integration work. Our company has a senior team, there are professional personnel, mainly divided into construction department, interior design department, soft decoration design department. Since 2017, the annual output value has increased significantly every year.
For a long time, the company has been adhering to the rigorous, professional and mindful work attitude, and innovative, practical and economic design principles. Committed to being an advocate for urban renewal and lifestyle. For the renovation design of stock assets, focus on rental housing and urban renewal projects, not only to create space for use, but also to explore innovative solutions for urban renewal and development and the reuse of stock assets in the city. Tailored to meet the occupants' premium experience, comfort and diversity of lifestyle.
The cooperative developers include Xuhui, Alibaba, Bright Real Estate, Pymillay Group, CCB CCB, West Group, Xin Qiaogao, China Resources Land, Caohejing Development Co., LTD., China World Real Estate, etc.

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