IDPA Japan Design Award


by Luping Ding

Projet Description

Follow the design concept of "green, ecology, energy saving and wisdom"
Put forward the design theme of "Garden Office",
It fully embodies the harmony and unity of man, architecture and nature. The overall environment is also infused with personalized design concepts of affinity, elegance, casualness and comfort. Subverting the traditional office design ideas, not only can meet the multi-dimensional functional development of the office, but also integrate the green office and garden office concepts.
In a context of the era of green, environmental protection and ecology as the theme of the times, the urban environment is deteriorating, and urban problems such as congestion and pollution are becoming more serious. Saying goodbye to the city center, saying goodbye to the smog, and saying goodbye to the crowded traffic has become the highest wish and ideal of every urbanite.

Luping Ding
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