IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by HOMFOND Design (Chengdu)

Projet Description

The case is a three-story small villa with three families and three cats living together. Thinking about the "openness", the first floor is designed with two floor-to-ceiling windows, which melt the boundary between the courtyard and the interior to maximize the physical and mental relaxation. Large areas of wood and art paint are used to blend with nature. The first floor of the basement is mainly for children's activities, and the family shared space is designed as a circular tree column shape, stretching from top to bottom, as if invited by the spirit to enter another world. Taking this as a way of thinking, it integrates play, activity, learning and accompanying, and delimits the functional operation area including the courtyard, the wall-filled sliding bookcase, the recreation area, the storage area inside the tree column, and the courtyard leisure area.
The courtyard changes in four seasons, and you can feel the atmosphere of love when you approach it from the outside. The yard is carefully planned with wooden platforms, stone steps, swings, climbing walls and planting plants. Children often play with their neighbors and laugh happily.
Thinking around "openness", the first floor is designed with two floor-to-ceiling windows to melt the boundary between the courtyard and the interior, so as to maximize the physical and mental relaxation. Large areas of wood, art paint, and natural colors are combined. Sofas, carpets, chairs, lamps, and side tables blend with each other, as if they can be combined in any way.
Stairs are the most frequent traffic flow lines for children in daily life. They enhance the interest of communication, design glass holes, and vaguely perspective light and shadow. Their shapes and effects give them a sense of future and imagination.
Modification description:
The original kitchen and living balcony are combined to expand the area, and the entrance position is moved to face the restaurant to optimize the living line
The bathroom adjusts the dry-wet partition to broaden the vision and enhance the interactivity and convenience of life
The stair step distance of the original developer is unreasonable, and the height difference and shape are readjusted to match the shape of - 1F building
The secondary bedroom balcony is included in it to expand the actual use space of the bedroom
Move the master bedroom bathroom wall inward to expand the master bedroom clothing demand
Use the hollow space on the top of the living balcony on the first floor to expand the main bathroom space and increase the position of the bathtub

HOMFOND Design (Chengdu)

Established in 2013,HOMFOND Design (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. is a "design" home decoration company integrating design and construction.
We focus on the aesthetic research of residential space and only do original design, and are committed to providing customers with differentiated design customization and time-saving and labor-saving construction trusteeship of the whole project, so as to achieve the true design effect of 1:1 restoration.
The company group not only owns [HOMFOND Design] (Chengdu/Guiyang/Xi'an store), but also operates two independent brands of [Novolan Soft Decoration] and [Yuzhu Design Office]. With a sound product service architecture, it provides systematic overall design, soft decoration design, decoration construction, main materials/soft decoration purchasing agency interior decoration services.
We believe that the beauty of life is not only the space aesthetics with temperature and texture, but also the inner feeling full of passion and poetry, and also the daily beauty that can be felt and touched. It is a warm, simple, not limited to style and form, not blindly following the popular concept, real and comfortable ideal living experience.
We believe that texture is far greater than freshness, and there are some similarities between home design and clothing matching. The designs and styles that are full of freshness are not very popular after a year and a half. Over time, it is always those clothes that pay attention to texture and cutting that remain in the wardrobe. What HOMFONDDesign does is that when the fashion fades, it is still the home that is liked.

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