IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Banbianshan Guantang Hotel


Projet Description

Banbianshan Fishing Village is located in the east part of Shipu Town in Xiangshan, which is close to the East China Sea and faces Taiwan. It has a beautiful sea view, unique reefs, rocks, and cliffs. It is a beautiful, magical, primitive, and classical green peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides.
The project covers an area of 113 mu, with a construction area of 50,718 square meters (completed), and the building type is the three-story antique building of the Ming Dynasty. The hotel is equipped with a reception lobby, cafeteria, multi-function hall, small and medium-sized conference room, tea bars, original bars, children's baking and painting experiencing rooms, gym, 130 guest rooms (including 13 family suites), and hotel logistics and other functional areas.


The group is an international professional design firm jointly established by Mr. Zhu Renmin who founded CHINA P.T.S VIEW BUILDING DESIGN GROUP LIMITED (HONGKONG) in China and a special Grade A design enterprise of the Ministry of Construction. The group has created many ecological restoration projects with nearly 100 billion investment in China and overseas, and has become a leading enterprise in China's ecological art design field. The group owns more than 200 senior designers and technical personnel with international design qualifications from the Academy of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University, Tongji University, and Zhejiang University. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhu Renmin, the group has built a team with strong cultural creativity and a hard-working spirit for more than 20 years.
The Group specializes in the planning and design of large-scale landscape projects, creative architectural solutions, high-end interior design, cultural community construction, highways and bridges, commercial and trade blocks, and various ecological renovations and cultural context protection. It gains better cultural and market effects with projects all over China. It has become a leading enterprise in the Chinese design industry and has completed nearly 100 billion design projects and an average annual total design project of about 1.5 billion.

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