IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Artistic Conception


Projet Description

The owner of this case requires pragmatism, internationalism, penetration of oriental culture, and a modern and simple positioning that can withstand the test of time.
There is no luxurious and cumbersome decoration in the design, and the overall focus is on practical and powerful, smooth and simple lines, and soft and comfortable colors. A large area of blank space is more like creating a "simple but not simple" living environment for the villa owner. Condensed with the designer's originality, it is both beautiful and practical.
The realm of elegance is the art of life pursued by modern literati. It emphasizes that the degree of aesthetic connotation is moderate, but not excessive. The simplicity of the space, the clarity of the structure and the purity of the material will become a new space aesthetic carrier. The designer abandons bluffing, abandoning the prosperous piles, restrained and restrained, but can impress people. The simple lines and gentle tones calmly interpret the quiet style, returning to simplicity and purity.
At sunset, the light becomes gentle. Shine into the room, meet a friend for a cup of tea, live in a human environment, but have forgotten the world. In the soft and faint sunlight, outside of the transcendent world, listen to the light talk of space and soul, and blend the modern lifestyle and artistic life breath in one room.
Where the home is, where the heart is. In such a home with a landscape, the design integrates the accumulated artistic connotation into the design language of the oriental cultural heritage, and conveys the elegance of the oriental style. In addition to the visual beauty, the landscape is also planted in a soft place in the heart.

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