IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

An Enron Place

by Jin Pei

Project Description

This is a renovation project for an old house located in Jiangshan Emperor Scenic Area, Guangzhou. This house has lived for three generations and has been accompanied by two dogs for over a decade. In terms of house design considerations, some facilities suitable for elderly living will be added, integrating the different living habits of three generations, and extending a multifunctional, minimalist, and comfortable home.
In the hustle and bustle of the city, create a space that allows the body and mind to naturally relax and return to the essence of life. In terms of material selection, more natural elements are integrated into it, and the light and bright color characteristics create a soft and comfortable atmosphere in the entire space, bringing soothing power to the heart.

Jin Pei

Member of the Interior Design Branch of CIID China Architectural Society. 20 years of design experience, founder and design director of Wood Core Design Firm.
Graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, with a professional design approach that integrates the needs of homeowners, creating thoughtful, user-friendly, and warm private home design works. Since its establishment, I have been immersed in the design industry for over 500 years and have rich design experience.
In 2008, awarded the title of "Top Ten New and Sharp Designers in Guangzhou"
In 2009, won the Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix
In 2012, won the Silver Award for Commercial Space Design
In 2018, won the Excellent Award of China Interior Design Week
In 2019, the "Pengding Award" of the China Space Design Competition [Top 10 Villa Spaces]
In 2019, the "Pengding Award" of the China Space Design Competition [Top 10 Catering Spaces]
In 2019, the "Pengding Award" in the China Space Design Competition [Design of China's Popular Villas]
In 2021, won the "Zhu Rong Award" Excellent Work Award in the China Lighting Application Design Competition
In 2021, the 3rd Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award - Top 100 International Influential Innovative Designers of the Year
In 2021, the Golden Case Award (2021-2022) National Excellence Award
In 2021, Creator Award - Annual Design Top500
In 2021, a bag of candy has the most temperature designer in South China Top100
2021 Sugar Factory Annual Honor List - Top 20 Star Designers
In 2021, Baidu Xinju Award for Best Large Unit Design of the Year - National Top50
In 2021, the 8th French Double Faced God GPDP AWARD International Design Festival
Top 100 Most Internationally Influential Creative Designers of the Year

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