IDPA Japan Design Award

A song of red

by Guang peng Lin

Projet Description

The designer used the artistic power of mystery, freedom, opposition, and the natural growth of the original structure to highlight the formal language of the work when creating, using innovative, gorgeous, twisted and rustic, texture, and natural, corresponding to each other and fully integrated. The twisted lines dance lightly in the invisible squares, and the tranquility, cuts and residues of the concrete. The quietness, connection and stitching of the log surface; the free growth of artistic charm. The project is located in Shantou.
The overall renovation area of the building's facade and interior is about 500m2. It is a multifunctional complex, which can be divided into a simple meal and tea area, a music performance area, and an art experience check-in area. The store before the project transformation was an ordinary old-style single tea shop. It is the first task to create a brand new store image and structure an outstanding tea art hall for this brand.

Guang peng Lin
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